From: Gregory Hanks
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Vote Yea on SB0057
Date: Sun Mar 02 07:06:44 MST 2014
Representative Sanpei,

I have a good relationship with an autistic girl named Myah. We often times will go to have fun at the park or to the Provo Rec Center where she likes to swing and swim in the pools. She has even made a sign for me which she uses with her family. Although I think I'm out of shape, a single flexed arm is her sign for me. Myah is darling like any child with autism, yet she places a very special set of challenges on her family. Some of those needs can be mitigated by the help of specialized therapy and furthermore some of the challenges can be overcome by the right tutelage. I hope that when you are making your decision on SB0057 that you keep in mind the children like my friend Myah and vote to make a difference in her life and in her family's.

Greg Hanks