From: Abby Lloyd
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Vote Yea on SB0057
Date: Sun Mar 02 06:37:36 MST 2014

Senator Sanpei,


I am writing out of concern for the children on the autism spectrum and urge you to vote in favor of their funding. I first became familiar with the autism community while volunteering abroad in an orphanage in South America. There I worked daily in a special needs orphanage and learned the severity of this disorder. Since then I have worked in homes across Utah striving to learn from and ease the burden of the autism disorder.


As a special education professional, I see the need for additional services for children of these circumstances. ABA therapy is often too costly for families to pay out of pocket. I personally know a hard working, educated, and responsible family with three out of four children on the spectrum. They need these professional services in order to bring about sustainable behavior changes in their children.  Their life is challenging and the family devotes all their time and money to these children, but it is not always enough. They currently are only able to pay for the most severe child to receive therapy, instead of being able to provide therapy to each of their children.


Early Intervention ABA therapies offer children the potential to outgrow their diagnosis by working to balance the brain and overcome sensory, social, and creative challenges that make the lives of these children and their families difficult.


I have witnessed the improvement that these therapies bring about, and urge you to support this bill by recognizing that these therapies are not accessible through the education system or through any other public organizations. Families need the support immediately upon receiving diagnosis, regardless of their financial ability, in order to give their children the tools they need to cope with the mainstream world around them and thrive in every day life. 


I appreciate your time and commitment to our community.


Abigail Lloyd