From: Kevin Leinbach
To: Francis Gibson,
Subject: Please vote yes for HB 342, from a concerned parent in Draper
Date: Sat Mar 01 19:23:47 MST 2014

Please vote in favor of HB342. I do not support Common Core, its math standards are nonsensical, it is unproven. It takes rights away from parents who are the ones responsible for the upbringing and education of their children. It takes discourages children from loving to learn. It diminishes the opportunity for kids to learn about Fine Arts. It was developed by people who have NO idea about educating anyone. I fully support this bill because it allows:

"the establishment of a standards development committee consisting of parents,
teachers, and representatives of school districts, business, and higher education to assist the board in developing standards; and public review and comment of draft core curriculum standards"

These are the most qualified people who want the best for children. Right now it is NOT possible to publically review the common core standards. Teachers who have taught the standards don't like them. They don't allow teachers to teach. Its emphasis is test scores. It stresses out teachers, and it stresses out kids. It ineffective.
Please vote in favor of this bill.