From: Jennifer Orten
To: Jennifer Orten,
Subject: URGENT: Please vote YES on HB-342 (Powers and Duties of the State Board)
Date: Sat Mar 01 18:55:38 MST 2014
Dear Representative, 

It is my belief that there are fewer bills that come up for vote with greater potential for harm than this particular bill. 
Please vote YES on HB 342 introduced by Dana Layton - this is CRITICAL.

Utah needs, and deserves to have, its own standards specifically for Utah by 2016. We are capable, and should be empowered, to best represent our own citizens and constituents.
Removing Utah from Common Core requirements in no way would diminish its standards. In fact, we would be capable of raising the standards, since Common Core demands that there is no more than 15% added to what they have copyrighted with their curriculum (which means you can't change it, and can only add a fraction above their own chosen standards!)

Why can't Utah have its own set of rules?
Do you realize the danger in federalizing and giving up control of our own standards to an outside entity? 

Utah's educational standards in Math were already rated at A- before the adoption of Common Core, which is supposedly rated an A- as well. However, New York state, among others, have seen first-hand the disastrous effects and are clamoring to remove themselves from the damage it has caused. I quote  from the article:

Now, after listening to an outraged public in a series of 11 forums held across New York, state lawmakers are getting ready to file a bill that would slam the brakes on the scheme. In a phone interview with The New American, New York State Assemblyman Al Graf, a member of the Assembly Education Committee, explained that the coalition of legislators had no choice but to take action to stop the “disaster” that Common Core has foisted on the state. “This is state-sponsored child abuse,” he said. 

Among other problems with the controversial standards, Graf cited wildly inappropriate material, massive costs, the devastating impact on teachers and students, and more. “If you wanted to destroy public education, this is what you would do,” he said. [End of quotation from article. Source:]

Let us not willingly repeat the mistake of other states, who embraced it too quickly and now regret it. 
Let us not willingly give up the rights of local, state, and parents in education.

 This bill mandates Utah needs to be on its own standards specifically for Utah by 2016.
Let Utah choose what is best for Utah, and ensure the local and state districts the freedom and flexibility to modify it as needed. We do not need federal controls in our education!!!
Thank you for voting YES on HB 342.