From: Jennifer Orten
Subject: Please vote YES on HB-228
Date: Sat Mar 01 18:26:11 MST 2014
Dear Representative,

I appreciate your willingness to hear the voice of the constituents whom you represent. It is with great concern and urgency that on behalf of many of the parents, neighbors, and families with whom we have discussed this topic, that we ask you to VOTE YES ON HB228.

I oppose our current system, which does not allow any representatives on the state board unless they have compatible views with the Governor's selection committee.
We must have state school board elections removed from the control of a committee appointed by the Governor, and let your  constituents have their voices heard in selecting who best to represent them, as each of you have been.

The current system legally allows bias, through allowing a select few individuals to determine which questions/criteria they want, and then disqualifies candidates who do not meet their chosen agenda criteria. It is easy to see how this limits and binds our state in its ability to seek and explore multiple options, and it removes the freedom of being able to choose, both candidate and outcome, from the parents, schools, and children.

We must have the ability to be fairly represented, which does NOT exist in the current school board election set up. 

Again, with great concern, I urge you to act in the best interest of Utah and  VOTE YES ON HB228.
The parents and people need to have a voice - we fully support HB-228, and are hoping you will vote YES on our behalf.

Thank you.