From: Bonnie Pence
Subject: No to HB 417
Date: Fri Feb 28 21:48:52 MST 2014
Thank you for your willingness to serve the people of Utah.  I am very grateful for the work and time you spend to create and vote for laws that make a difference for good and which protect the citizens of Utah from the overreach and encroachment of an out-of-control Federal government.

Please vote NO for HB 417.  Parents and teachers at the local level know best about the needs of children, and how best to meet those needs in Education.  Top down curriculum, standards and testing is not the way to go.  Children need to be taught the most important things - not the radical propaganda that we see in Common Core and should not be required to divulge private information - this is invasive and un-constitutional.  Kids need a teacher that talks to them, teaches and answers questions...and a place where they can interact together and develop their social skills.  My grandkids spend too much time on their cell phones and other electronic devices after school - they don't need another 6 hours spent in front of a video screen. It's hard to get them to interact anymore, we get a grunt and hardly ever a glance up as they keep their nose in their cell phones, video games, kindles, etc.

Thank you.

Bonnie Pence
995 N. 475 E.
Orem, Utah 84097