From: Sasha
To: "Undisclosed-Recipient:;>",
Subject: Please REJECT HB 417
Date: Fri Feb 28 16:13:48 MST 2014
Dear Representative,
There are many reasons to reject HB 417, but the one I’d like to focus on is that it reduces interaction between teachers and students, replacing that interaction with more solitary screen time.  There is nothing about this that is good.  Children already have far too much screen time without adults imposing more.  While technologies give benefits, they also handicap human interaction; the rising generation is learning less and less how to walk and talk and more and more how to sit and stare.  We send children to school so that they can reverse the two most important milestones in their development as babies/toddlers?  Children are living, breathing, social humans, not cyborgs to merely be plugged in.  I urge you to vote against anything that increases screen time and decreases social interaction.
Sasha Takis
Nibley, Utah