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Subject: Utah youth ensnared, HB-112 can get them out
Date: Thu Feb 27 20:50:02 MST 2014

Dear Representative:

I am a high school student. Everyday I see kids smoking an e-cigarette while waiting for the bus to pick them up from school. At first I couldn't understand how they would even think that was cool, but as I got involved in the CTC (communities that care) coalition in my community I found out why. E-cigs don't have the same regulations as conventional cigarettes do. They are currently being effectively marketed to young people with their assortment of favors and claim of being safe everywhere while being chock full of who knows what toxins, that isn't safe anywhere.

Spence cannot be nicked into these already addicted kids by voice alone. Their access to the drug needs to be restricted and monitored. We cannot do it alone. I cannot do it alone. PLEASE VOTE YES ON HB-112. They may not know it but their lives will be worth living if they are free of this addiction. If the next generation of adults is physically and mentally crippled from constant drug use since their teens what does society have look forward too? What progress will be made? What will the state image look like? The national image? If individual rights of freedom are holding you back from voting yes on HB-112 just think of the freedoms that those that use now because they can will lose because they are addicted to e-cigs.


Logan Voigt

A concerned teen

Based on UDOH and CDC data:

1.     Kids’s use of e-cigarettes in Utah has tripled from 2011 to 2013 (while rest of the country has only doubled)

2.     Despite having no legal access to e-cigarettes, Utah youth are three times more likely to report current use than adults.

3.     Nearly one-third of Utah youth who use e-cigarettes report that they never tried conventional cigarettes. 

4.     E-cigarettes are the preferred tobacco products for Utah kids.  In some areas, as many as 20% of children use e-cigarettes regularly.

5.     All the major cigarette companies are now in the e-cigarette business.

Our kids deserve to not be targeted by the tobacco industry with products that are designed to addict children.