From: Dana Wilson
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson, Melvin Brown, Brad Wilson, Dean Sanpei, Mari Gold,
Subject: SB54
Date: Wed Feb 26 21:04:32 MST 2014
I am among a huge number of Utahans who support   the “Count My Vote” initiative.  Senator Bramble’s  SB 54 challenge would gag our voices and place impossible barriers to our free democratic expression. 
As Governor Herbert said, politicians should not be “gaming the system to thwart the will of the people.”  Let the process work!

Please convince your colleagues who oppose open primaries to look beyond their self-interest and let the initiative go on the ballot where we citizens can decide for ourselves.

Dana E. Wilson, M.D.

Cc:  Members of the House Leadership