From: Amy
Subject: Vote NO on HB 131 Public Education Modernization Act
Date: Tue Feb 25 22:53:47 MST 2014
Dear Committee Member

Please do not pass HB 131 out of committee.  This bill will require by law specific data collected by the SLDS (State longitudinal Database System.)  Utah is set up with a P-20W system, which means data can be collected from preschool to the workforce.   Much of this information will be collected without the knowledge or consent of parents.  This bill also calls to increase the SLDS and gives 3 party access to the data collected including: discipline incidents, parental involvement, community involvement, etc... Therefore I ask that you do not pass this out of committee as it invades the privacy of parents and students. 

It also requires ONE company to provide all these things.  (Which very much limits our choices.  Normally all these things would be provided by different companies competing to make the best of each item.)

The Salt Lake Tribune has access to a draft of a report from a work group associated with the Governor’s Education Excellence Commission and that report says the bill will probably cost $750 MILLION for the FIRST YEAR and $300 MILLION A YEAR after that.  Can you honestly say Utah can afford this kind of bill without raising taxes?  

This bill will invade privacy of students and parents and may possibly come to the point of requiring higher taxes.  I ask how does this benefit Utah students?  Surely collecting data and excessive spending is not the best way to benefit our children.  

Please do not pass HB 131 out of committee.  

Amy Burton
Utah Tax Payer