From: VeAnne Day
To: Jacob Anderegg, Johnny Anderson, Jerry Anderson, Patrice Arent, Stewart Barlow, Roger Barrus, Jim Bird, Joel Briscoe, 'Representative Brown', Melvin Brown, Rebecca Houck, LaVar Christensen, 'Representative Christopherson', Tim Cosgrove, Richard Cunningham, Brad Dee, Jack Draxler, Susan Duckworth, Jim Dunnigan, Becky Edwards, Steve Eliason, Janice Fisher, Gage Froerer, Francis Gibson, Brian Greene, Richard Greenwood, Keith Grover, Craig Hall, Lynn Hemingway, Greg Hughes, 'Representative Hutchings', Don Ipson, Ken Ivory, Mike Kennedy, Brian King, John Knotwell, Brad Last, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, Rebecca Lockhart, John G. Mathis, Daniel McCay, Kay Mciff, Michael Mckell, Carol Moss, Jim Nielson, 'Representative Noel', Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Jeremy Peterson, Val Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Paul Ray, Edward Redd, Marc Roberts, Angela Romero, Doug Sagers, Dean Sanpei, Jennifer M. Seelig, 'Representative Snow', 'Representative Standard', Keven John Stratton, 'Representative Tanner', Curt Webb, John Westwood, Mark A. Wheatley, Ryan Wilcox, Larry Wiley, Brad Wilson, Steve Handy, Ronda Menlove,
Subject: RE: Problems with SB 134 (Taxation Related Referendum Amendments)
Date: Tue Feb 25 16:17:11 MST 2014

Subject: FW: Problems with SB 134 (Taxation Related Referendum Amendments)
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:10:22 -0700


House Representative,


 I respectfully ask that you consider these problems with SB134 that need to be fixed before voting..


When this bill was first being considered in the senate, Senator Valentine was informed of three problems in it. He fixed the first problem, but two more problems remain.




1. It does not require the publication of a VOTER INFORMATION PAMPHLET, which is the sponsors' best opportunity to explain to their fellow citizens why they should not approve a property tax increase.


2. It does not (nor does current law) specify a TIME LIMIT for the local clerk to furnish (to the sponsors) five copies of the petition and signature sheet. Theoretically, then, a local clerk COULD take several days, even weeks, to furnish these materials--which would further eat into the time allotted to the sponsors who need to gather signatures.




1. Strike line 67, so the publication of a voter information pamphlet is required.


Rationale: Referendum sponsors MUST have the ability to communicate to their fellow citizens, via voter information pamphlet, the reasons for their opposition to a property tax increase. NOT requiring the publication of this pamphlet would be a disservice to the citizens. This problem is EASILY fixed simply by starting the pamphlet work earlier along the timeline.


2. Insert the following statement after line 39:


Notwithstanding Subsection 20A-7-604 (2), the local clerk shall furnish the necessary referendum materials to the sponsors within two working days.


Rationale: This will close the loophole that allows a local clerk to sandbag the signature-gathering effort indefinitely.


Thank you for your service in the legislature.





VeAnne Day


PS: The REFERENDUM process is an effective CHECK and balance on local legislative bodies. Please do not STRIP from it the requirement to publish a voter information pamphlet!