From: Peter Cannon
To: Peter Cannon,
Subject: YES on HB228 Utah State Board of Education Elections and Reporting Amendments (Greene, B.)
Date: Mon Feb 24 19:56:46 MST 2014

     This bill gives us back the benefit of a republic. That is choosing well qualified and well informed representatives to make important decisions for us. It is republican to elect our most trusted neighbors in party caucuses to vet our candidates in their conventions.

     Current school boards in Utah are dominated by Democrat leaning members. I see that from the inside as a school board member. The 2013 legislative voting report card of the Utah School Boards Association plainly shows that Democrats support their preferred bills much more than conservative Republicans do. That will not happen when school board candidates are vetted by our party delegates.

     The head butting and lack of trust between the legislature and state school board will subside when both bodies are elected by the same mechanism. Parties participating in school board elections will help hold school board members more accountable.

Please vote YES on HB228.

Peter Cannon


Davis School Board Member, District #3