From: Tami Hirsch
Subject: Support HB 228
Date: Mon Feb 24 19:43:13 MST 2014
I ask that you vote to pass HB 228 on education elections out of committee. I support this bill because it will make running for this important position open to more people.  For example, my neighbor, Heather Groom, had to switch her stance on Common Core to be appointed by the Governor.  This is wrong.  Also, she was never voted in.  She has a salon degree, not an education degree.  She has no clue what happens in the classroom.  I, on the other hand, had 7 classes of 35-40 students each and everyday and know what it takes in the classroom.  We need support to stop this National Common Core Agenda with its' attached teacher pay to now High Stakes Testing.  Teachers and Parents have lost their voices.  We need reform that this bill spells out.  We need better representation.  Heather Groom ran the Governor's race and was awarded her USOE status because of it.  Sad indeed.