From: Marc Pélissié
To: Marc Pélissié,
Subject: Please pass HB 228 on state board of education elections
Date: Mon Feb 24 18:32:55 MST 2014

Dear Representative,

I strongly encourage you to pass HB 228 by Rep. Brian Greene on state board of education election reform. I support partisan elections because pretending that educators and those in education administration are not partisan is doing a tremendous disservice to our children, the educational system in general and ultimately our way of life.

As parents, we devote the time to teach our children principles of religion, civility, morality, political socialization, etc and the fact that we ignore the 800 Lb gorilla of partisanship in education is absurd! 

Our children end up spending more of their waking hours under the tutelage and stewardship of the school, teachers and curriculum that is largely influenced from the top down and are taught in many ways how to see the world. That citizens aren't allowed to know through what prism these educators are looking through in the way they see the world makes the outcome of our children's ultimate view of the world a game of roulette!

Quite frankly, this has been a losing battle for decades now and look at how society has suffered as the emerging generations of students that have been churned out by the educational system tend to lean in their vote. 

I may see the world through the prism of traditional family values and conservative constitutional principles and want my children to be taught from a school system that espouses similar values, but other parents out there who may see the world from a polar opposite point of view should have the same right to know to whom and what philosophy they are entrusting their children to on a day to day basis.

Please pass HB228 and allow us as citizens an honest look at the philosophy of those who are shaping the minds of our current and future generations of students.

Grateful for your service,

Marc Pélissié