From: Ed Dieringer
To: Ronda Menlove, David Lifferth, Angela Romero, Brad Dee, Becky Edwards, Brian Greene, Brad Last, Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Wilson, Brian King, Craig Hall, Curtis Oda, Carol Moss, Curt Webb, Don Ipson, Dana Layton, Daniel McCay, Doug Sagers, Dixon Pitcher, Dean Sanpei, Earl Tanner, Eric Hutchings, Edward Redd, Francis Gibson, Gage Froerer, Greg Hughes, Jacob Anderegg, Janice Fisher, Jim Bird, Joel Briscoe, Jon Cox, Jack Draxler, Jim Dunnigan, Jeremy Peterson, Jim Nielson, Jerry Anderson, John Knotwell, John G. Mathis, Jennifer M. Seelig, Jon Stanard, John Westwood, Kay Mciff, Kay Christofferson, Keith Grover, Ken Ivory, Kraig Powell, Keven John Stratton, Merrill Nelson, LaVar Christensen, Lee Perry, Larry Wiley, Marc Roberts, Lowry Snow, mnoel, Michael Mckell, Val Peterson, Melvin Brown, Richard Cunningham, Robert Spendlove, Marie Poulson, Steve Eliason, Tim Cosgrove, Patrice Arent, Lynn Hemingway, Mark A. Wheatley, Mike Kennedy, Rebecca Houck, Roger Barrus, Stewart Barlow, Steve Handy, Paul Ray, Richard Greenwood, Ryan Wilcox, Johnny Anderson,
Subject: Please support HB 0146
Date: Mon Feb 24 18:15:12 MST 2014
Thank you to Rep. Menlove for bringing forth this important bill.   

HB 0146 is  an important step toward assuring full protection of children in all licensed and license-exempt programs. It is not a requirement to be licensed.  

Currently, license-exempt child care centers skirt many of the essential elements of protecting children from harm that the State requires of licensed child care centers.  Worse, there is no State entity empowered to oversee the safety of these license-exempt centers.  Yet, a high number of our children attend these centers.  This bill is important to assure that ALL children in Utah are protected while under the care of any Child care-type setting, not just those children who attend licensed centers.     

In the past some folks have argued that expecting all children to be protected at the same level as licensed providers would raise costs for low income families and may drive some license-exempt centers out of business.  First, this bill only requires background checks to be standard across the board for all child care type centers.  The licensed-exempt centers are still not subject to the other high level of rules set by the State for licensed child care centers.  Yet, licensed centers still serve a great many of our low-income and subsidized children/families.  50% of my licensed child care center population is low-income children/families.  Additionally, Utah has some of the lowest child care rates in the 50 united states.  Even though I have fewer alternative financial resources to access to offset the low parent fees than many license-exempt child care centers, I am subject to, and manage to pay for, the higher level background checks and higher regulations of a licensed child care center.  If I, and my licensed colleagues can figure it out, so can the license-exempt centers that have greater financial resources than we do.  Further, this bill moves the expense of those background checks to the employee rather than the child care centers.  

Most Important: Why would we as a society not expect optimal protection of ALL children across the State and not just those in licensed centers?     

I am a member of the Utah Child Care Licensing Advisory Committee.  This advisory committee unanimously voted to support the concepts this bill puts forth.
Utah Association for the Education of Young Children ( UAEYC)  supports this bill.
The Utah Professional Child Care Association supports this Bill.
Many of these individuals, child care center businesses and employees, and our attending families are your constituents and understand the importance improving the protection of our children across the State by supporting this bill.  

Thank you 
Ed Dieringer, CEO, owner
Teresa Dieringer, owner
Bennion Learning Center
Taylorsville, UT 84129

Ed Dieringer
Teresa Dieringer
2654 S 1500 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84107