From: Renee Braddy
To: Dean Sanpei,
Date: Mon Feb 24 15:23:17 MST 2014
Dear Rep. Sanpei,

As a former educator for almost a decade in the state of Utah, a parent and a tax-payer I ask you to vote YES ON HB 228.  This bill will bring accountability, responsibility and transparency for the voters.  

I have felt very little, if any, representation by the Utah state school board.  It has become clear that they are unaccountable to a large number of citizens in the state of Utah.  

I have been calling representatives, state senators and local school boards who are up for re-election this year.  I am trying to find out for the voters their positions on whether they favor or oppose Utah's adoption of the common core with its accompanying strings.  Many have felt uncomfortable that their re-election will be based on something that they didn't have any say over and still feel is out of their hands.  

It might be of interest to you to know that we are NOT calling the state school board members to find out their positions because it doesn't matter.  Regardless of their position, they don't answer to US!  

Whether you support the idea of common core with national standards, testing and accompanying data collection, and federal oversight, that is irrelevant.  This bill is to bring accountability of our elected officials back to the people and it must be PARTISAN to do that.  This let's us know where our candidates should be standing based on their party's platform and we deserve to know that.  This bill is an aim to return accountability with decisions that are impacting our children and teachers!

Renee' Braddy