From: Audrey Frazier
To: 'Joshua Frazier',
Subject: YES on HB-342
Date: Mon Feb 24 07:44:41 MST 2014

Dear House Rules Committee Member:


Please vote yes on HB-342 by Rep-Dana Layton.  It is so very important that this bill passes. 


Utah has adopted new core standards which bring with it all sorts of strings attached.   The power, money and control are flowing opposite of where they should.  Parents, teachers, local schools and of course, the student himself, should be in the driver’s seat of the student’s education.  The Utah Core Standards, because of their association with out-of-state alliances, shifts this power, money and control to the people furthest away from the student.  This makes no sense and must be flipped around.


New SAGE tests have replaced the old CRT’s.  The new tests are traumatizing and inappropriate for children to endure.  SAGE is being powered by AIR, a controversial social testing company.  I am will not let my children take these new tests.  I want absolutely no part of it. 


Utah needs to be disconnected from the nearly nation-wide Common Core set of standards which massively influenced the new Utah Core Curriculum.  Utah needs full autonomy to develop its own curriculum and revise it as needed.  This power needs to be in the most local hands possible.


Thanks for your consideration,


Audrey Frazier