From: Audrey Frazier
To: 'Joshua Frazier',
Subject: YES on HB 228 Today
Date: Mon Feb 24 07:17:57 MST 2014

Dear Representative,


I am asking you to please pass HB 228 concerning the State Board of Education reform, by Brian Greene. 


I am so very unhappy with the members of the State Board of Education.  So much money and power are going in and out of that group of people.  They do not care about my voice as a parent because they do not believe they answer to parents or the public. 


I do not agree with Governor Herbert’s vision for education in Utah.  Members of the State Board of Education must be in alignment with Governor Herbert in order to even be in their job.  What a conflict of interest!  Who are the school board members elected to represent anyways?  The governor?  Apparently so, but I do not believe it should be that way.  The State Board of Education services our children.  They should answer to us. 


There must be some accountability for what the State School Board is doing with our money and our children’s education.  Parents and the general public must have more of a say in what is going on.


Thanks for your consideration,


Audrey Frazier