From: Amy
Subject: Please Pass Bill HB 228 on Education Elections
Date: Mon Feb 24 05:07:08 MST 2014
Dear Representative,

I ask that you vote to pass HB 228 on education elections out of committee.  I support this bill because the vetting process of running through a convention race helps weed out unqualified candidates, but does so in a grassroots way. 
 As a parent with school age children, I would like the opportunity to research candidates for the Utah State Board of Education and vote for whom I feel represents my values.  I pay close to $700 dollars a year out of my property taxes to the education fund.  As I tax payer, I feel it is only right that I know who the people are representing and making choices for my children.   

Please pass HB 228 out of committee. 

Thank You

Amy Burton
Hyrum, UT