From: Cheri Coffey
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Vote No on SB 54
Date: Mon Feb 24 02:56:44 MST 2014
Dear Representative Sanpei,
I am writing to ask you to use your influence to ensure Senate Bill 54, by Senator Curt Bramble,  is defeated in the Utah State House.  The idea that a popular proposition by County My Vote, which has collected over 100,000 signatures of people across the state should be stifled by this proposed law is a travesty to the right of the people to petition their government for laws.  The existing Caucus and Convention process for electing candidates results in officials who are far extreme of the moderate populous.   In fact, in this conservative state where the majority of Republicans win elections, the election is basically decided at the convention where very few people have a voice in choosing the candidates.  This is reflected in the extremely low turnout of voters in any election, not to mention the off-year elections.  In fact, because the elections are decided by a few hundred delegates at convention, elected officials are more beholden to special interest groups than they would be if they had been elected by the thousands in the general population.
Allowing candidates to be elected at the primary election, allows for candidates who are more reflective of the states moderate voters.  The idea the only wealthy people will be in the primary is not proven.  In fact, Orion Hatch spent a million dollars just to woo the votes of the delegates of the convention during his last election.  Some may say that in general voters are uninformed and those who participate in the caucus and convention process are more informed on the issues.  In fact, as someone who has participated in the caucus system for the last 30 years, I can truly say, that it is people representing the extremes that participate in these processes on both sides of the political spectrum and are informed in just their specific issue, rather than in issues that affect everyone.
Again, I urge you to work towards defeating SB54.  Please vote NO on this issue.
Thank You
Cheri Coffey
SLC UT  84105