From: tspatkin .
Subject: Please pass HB 228 on state board of education elections
Date: Sun Feb 23 23:51:46 MST 2014

Dear Representative,

I strongly encourage you to pass HB 228 by Rep. Brian Green. I have spoken with many House Representatives regarding decisions about our schools and always get the same answer, "Talk with the school board." I have talked with both my State school board members, previously Craig Coleman and now Heather Groom, and I can tell you that they do not feel the same sense of obligation to voters as our House Reps do. I believe the reason for their indifferent, and even flippant, regard towards voters has everything to do with how they are elected. Please help to make them as accountable to the people as you are. I do not want my representatives narrowed down by two groups, first a committee and then the governor, before I get to know who they are. I am sure you would not want that system for your elections. 


Tamara Atkin

Legislative District Chair 67