From: Oak Norton
To: Oak Norton,
Subject: Please pass HB 228 on state board election reforms
Date: Sun Feb 23 23:00:38 MST 2014

Dear Representative,


I strongly urge you to pass HB 228 from Rep. Brian Greene that deals with making state school board elections partisan. These 15 people wield enormous control over the state’s largest budget item. The current system where the governor’s appointees take away all choice by the public by asking “what do you think of Common Core” for their first interview question, and then eliminating anyone that has any concerns, is essentially taxation without representation for a large segment of the population. Non-partisan public elections are a fiction and red herring. By not allowing parties to vet candidates and support the best people as chosen by caucus delegates, you are allowing for one-party elections where the education establishment picks a candidate to support and the other candidate has little to no chance.


Here is what a party does for a candidate:
a) Establish a platform
b) Vet candidates to see which are most consistent with that platform
c) Endorse candidates so that members and “likeminded” people don’t have to do the research themselves
d) Post information about the candidate or links to candidate information on an established “party” website that members and likeminded people already know about
e) Provide a base of voters and donors to the candidate (due to endorsement)
f) Encourage donations to the candidate
g) Send out information to “members” by email and snail mail.


That list comes from Nicole Toomey Davis who ran against Kim Burningham in an election for state board and was steamrolled by the “education party” who campaigned for Kim inside of schools and opposed her conservative views. That’s what non-partisan elections do.

Not that you have time, but you can read her story here:




Oak Norton