To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Greg Hughes, Daniel McCay, Val Peterson, Dean Sanpei, Richard Cunningham, Brad Last, Keven John Stratton, Steve Eliason, David Lifferth, Jim Nielson, Kraig Powell,
Subject: Please Vote Yes on H.B. 228
Date: Sun Feb 23 19:36:28 MST 2014

This is a copy of the alert we send to Eagle Forum subscribers.  Please read this and vote yes for H.B. 228.  Thank you , Gayle Ruzicka

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Thank you for all you are doing!  Every call, email, & text makes a difference!

H.B.-228 is scheduled for a vote this Monday at 4:00 pm
 *Ask the members of the House Education Committee to vote YES!! *

It is time to act!

One of the most important bills for this legislative session will be in the House Education Committee  on Monday  afternoon, in fact this may be one of the most important Education bills in the last 25 years!    We need your help to make sure this bill passes out of committee.

 H.B. 228, Utah State Board of Education Elections and Reporting Amendments, sponsored by Representative Brian Greene, changes the way we elect state school board members by changing the elections.  Currently when we vote for our State School Board members we get to vote for one of 2 people the Governor chooses .  How does that happen?  It starts with a selection committee of 12 people appointed by the Governor, this committee interviews all the candidates for State School Board.  After interviewing all the candidates the committee submits at least 3 names from each school board district to the Governor.  The Governor then picks 2 candidates to be place on the ballot and we, the people, get to vote for one of the Governor's favorites.  And we wonder why the members of the State School Board are not responsive to the people.

It was the State School Board that voted to adopt Common Core.  They did it without holding statewide public hearings for the parents to express their opinions and to learn about Common Core and if it was something we wanted for our children.  All of the members of the board voted for Common Core (see board meeting minutes for August 2010).  When we try to talk to them they tell us we don't know what we are talking about and demean us, calling us extremist.  Debra Roberts, State School Board member, when testifying at a legislative interim education meeting, accused those who opposed Common Core as believing in black helicopters.  She said these things because she knows she does not have to answer to the people.

H.B. 228 will change that.  When this bill becomes law the State School Board election will become a partisan election. Those running for the State School Board will have to declare party affiliation and face the delegates at a state convention just like the other candidates for state office.  When their names are placed on the ballot for the primary or general election the citizen will know their party affiliation and be able to vote for the candidate whose philosophy is most closely aligned with theirs.

This process will make the school board candidates accountable to those people who elected them not to the Governor who appointed them through a bogus election process.

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