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Subject: Prison Relocation
Date: Sun Feb 23 01:09:08 MST 2014

Building a better Corrections Model 


The partnership between corrections and county jails is an important relationship to consider as the State looks at building a new prison. 
Chad Booth joins Commissioner Leland Pollock, Representative Eric Hutchings, and Representative Mike Noel to discuss how the debate over the relocation of the prison has created a new dialogue about a corrections system that keeps people from returning.

Currently, County jails play an important role in housing state inmates and offering programming. Our panel discusses how this relationship would look in the future and what that means for people who are incarcerated.

Tune in to The County Seat on Channel 4 this Sunday at 8:30am to find out what scenarios lie beyond the value of the ground that the prison currently sits on.

ICYMI Caucuses and Count My Vote 


The underlying tenet of our democracy is that everyone has a vote. However, fewer people are turning out to the polls. Some people are beginning to think that the process is to blame. The Count My Vote initiative was started to change Utah to a direct primary state and it has raised quite a stir.
Chad Booth brought together Taylor Morgan, Executive Director of Count My Vote, and David Miller, Iron County Commissioner, to discuss the issue. 
How would changing from a caucus system to encourage more voter participation change the landscape of elections in Utah? How could the Count My Vote Initiative hurt rural communities in Utah? 

Click the image above to link to the full episode.
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