From: Amy
Subject: Please Pass HB 342 on Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education
Date: Sat Feb 22 00:26:16 MST 2014
I would like to strongly encourage you to vote for Representative Dana Layton's Bill HB 342 Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education.  This bill will allow Utah to make their own superior set of standards and not be beholden by other outside parties with varying interests.  These outside groups have taken bribery money from the federal government in the form of The Race to the Top to lock us into Common Core.  Common Core is an inferior set of standards.  Math is not even a complete set of standards that will actually place students 2 years below what our previous standards did.   As a parent, I have witnessed my child that loved math, come to dread math.  Common Core is not more rigorous than our past standards.  

The English Language Arts is based more on informational texts than classic literature.  Can you imagine an elementary student enjoying reading The Peoples of the Union, Globule Warming or the Life of Sonya Sotomeyer?  All of which are on Utah's list of informational text. There is so much to be learned from Classic Literature, including character traits, history and increased vocabulary.  Limiting Classic Literature will reduce the love of reading for our students.   

As a parent and a tax payer, that you represent,  I ask you to please vote for Bill HB 342.

Thank You

Amy Burton