From: clairesse broschinsky
To: Ken Ivory,
Subject: Please Pass HB 342 on 'Powers and Duties of the State Board'
Date: Fri Feb 21 19:43:25 MST 2014
To Representative,
I'm writing to strongly urge you to pass HB 342 (by Rep. Layton). I saw on that the rules committee passed HB 131, to which I am STRONGLY opposed. That bill would keep Utah on the wrong path of further implementing the common core standards, including digital texts, tests, etc. Rep. Layton's bill gives Utah another option, for our state to  create its OWN high quality standards and not be tied to outside groups  that have used Federal 'incentives' through Race to the Top to get us onto Common Core, and do not know our students and their needs.  These 'standards' are not right for Utah's schools and children. Please pass HB 342 out of committee and give it the same chance to be heard and voted on, as it is, in the opinion of MANY, the better bill. Utah has a real opportunity here to take back control of our education, which is our RIGHT and should be local/belongs to the states. This bill could also provide us the opportunity to increase our local economy; the need for textbooks, materials, etc. could be a boon for local publishing and tech companies, who could answer the call for non core aligned materials. Please pass bill HB 342.