From: Matthew Murray
Subject: Please Support S.B. 57
Date: Thu Feb 20 17:54:21 MST 2014
Dear Representative,

I am writing to ask for your supporting vote in favor of S.B. 57 mandating that health plans regulated by the State of Utah cover ABA therapy for Autistic children and to advocate that the coverage limits in the bill be unchanged. 


Using Utah’s own data from recent pilot programs conducted in the state, insurance premiums are likely to increase less than 1%. Recent cost estimates for states that have enacted a mandate, have been calculated at approximately ¼ of a percent.


The state of Utah is only one of 16 states which do not mandate coverage for Autism in some form. Autism is a neurological disorder which is not static, and can be treated successfully using ABA therapy. This improvement is particularly pronounced when children under the age of 7 are able to receive services. The State’s own pilot programs support that ABA therapy is a successful treatment for children with autism.


Please be a champion for, and end the systemic discrimination of nearly 18,000 children in the state of Utah by voting for S.B. 57 during the 2014 legislative session.




Matthew Murray