From: Ben Black
To: mike,
Subject: Please do not pass HB 131 out of committee
Date: Thu Feb 20 16:11:13 MST 2014

Dear Representative,


I have already communicated with my own representative, Rep. Mike McKell, to ask that he oppose HB 131.    I must also turn to you to request that you do NOT allow HB 131 to proceed!


I am sure that you already know that there is a groundswell of opposition growing within Utah and clearly active around the country recognizing some serious flaws in the Common Core together with its related high stakes testing and longitudinal database requirements.    This Public Education Modernization Act (HB 131) further entrenches the unconstitutional mandates, methods, and underlying insidious goals of Common Core.    While you might currently not be fully aware of how/why Common Core is wrong for Utah, at a minimum you need to step back and analyze its progress and preliminary results before committing any more of the scarce dollars available for education to this program!    I also understand that this bill touts a $200 million price tag.   I believe you also have available the committee/expert findings that prove the reality that it is $750 million THE FIRST YEAR that will be required to implement it.    Please do the right thing for Utah and the FAMILIES of Utah by NOT wasting this money in such an UNCONSTITUTIONAL way!


Thank you for your service!


Ben & Susan Black