From: Darlene Agle
Subject: Please do not pass HB 131 out of committee
Date: Thu Feb 20 15:23:35 MST 2014
My name is Darlene Agle, and I am a mother of three in Utah County. I urgently but respectfully request that HB 131 not be passed out of committee. Particularly for the following reasons:
I oppose longitudinal data being collected on my children, and this seems to not only expand it, but also grant third-party access to it (125,148-165)
I oppose the top-down approach of Utah Core, and this reinforces its use (89)
I oppose CAT testing, and this reinforces it (90-91)
 Finally, $200,000 doesn't seem like it would be even close to enough to cover this. Los Angeles tried this technological investment already, and it did not turn out well. $200,000 alone is a lot of money to put into what is essentially a pilot test. Like the article below says, Romeo and Juliet hasn't changed since 1709, and it's not like high school Calculus needs any rethinking regardless of higher level discoveries.,0,942881.story#axzz2tpzI9IEg
For these reasons, I ask that you do not let HB 131 pass out of committee. I can see so many better uses for that kind of money, and we don't need any more bills that route student information to outside think tanks. We need more trust in the parent-student-teacher relationship.
Thank you for your time and help,