From: Chris Jolley
To: Aaron Osmond, Brad Last, Carol Moss, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Dean Sanpei, Francis Gibson, Governor of Utah, Greg Hughes, Howard Stephenson, Jerry Stevenson, Jim Nielson, Keven John Stratton, Kraig Powell, Marie Poulson, Mark Madsen, Patrice Arent, Pat Jones, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Steve Urquhart, Stuart Reid, Val Peterson, Lowry Snow,
Subject: Oppose SB118
Date: Thu Feb 20 04:27:37 MST 2014

Dear Honorable Sir/Madam,


Please oppose SB118 for the following reasons:

1.       It is anti-family. It might as well be called Child Tax.

2.       It is involuntary. Taxes should be voluntary depending on our actions. People who already have more than two children are forced to pay this higher tax until the number of their children reach two through aging to the age of maturity.

3.       It is retroactive. Families are taxes on behaviors of the past. They cannot undo having more than two children.

4.       It is arbitrary. Why place the tax at three children? Why not at one child or at five children?

5.       It is totalitarian. This tax is reminiscent of China’s ban on more than one child. Is that the next step? Rather than taxing more children, simply outlaw the number of children a family can have and force abortions!

6.       It is avoiding the real issue. The real issue with the state government is the same as with the national government. We don’t have a tax problem; we have a spending problem. The state needs to cut spending to avoid the temptation of this immoral bill.

7.       It is immoral. Would God smile upon this bill? Does this bill promote the will of God?




Chris Jolley

939 E 1420 N

American Fork, UT 84003