From: LeNell Heywood
Subject: Yes for HB228 State School Board Elections
Date: Thu Feb 20 02:15:09 MST 2014
Please vote YES for HB 228
We need partisan elections for State School Board Candidates.
I was a candidate for Utah State School Board district 12 in 2012.  Two of the questions I was asked was:
  • Do you support the Utah Core Curriculum Standards?
  • Do you support the investment in and use of technology as part of the educational experience?
I was against Common Core Education (Utah Core) and I do not think tax payers should be funding a computer for each child, the 2.7 million increase for SAGE testing and the 35 million to bring internet to the elementary schools (HB6). 

  How was I to answer those questions?  I was doomed at the start. 

We need partisan elections where a candidate can be vetted by the voters and not a board with their own agenda.  The best and brightest candidates for Utah State School Board will come through a Partisan Election!

LeNell Heywood