From: Jeff Raddon
To: Dean Sanpei, Ken Ivory, Eric Hutchings, Brian King, John G. Mathis, Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Val Peterson, Paul Ray, Larry Wiley, Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson,
Subject: The Farm Bureau's "Protection" of our Natural Resources.
Date: Thu Feb 13 14:30:22 MST 2014

Here is the Farm Bureau hard at work "protecting" our valuable public waters, note the erosion of the banks.

They have their cows crapping in the stream and yet they complain about litter and property damage?

Their real objection is that they do not want the public fishing public water for fish bought an paid for by the public.

They are taking government handouts for fish stocking and government handouts for flood mitigation and damaging the resource when they allow this.

Don't you Republicans usually frown upon these type of welfare recipients?  People who get Government handouts yet contribute nothing to society?

Vote YES on HB 37!