From: US Department of Homeland Security
Date: Sat Feb 08 09:21:35 MST 2014
US Department of Homeland Security
301 7th St SW #3621
Washington, DC, United States
Phone: 206-666-3161
Fax: 206-666-3161
Your Compensation Approval Message: "Sorry for the late response"
Inline with the report we received previously that you have sent money to fraudsters in Africa, we have carried out verifications at Western Union Money Transfer Headquarters to know if truly you have sent money to fraudsters in Africa and it was confirmed to us by Western Union that you have sent money to Africa on several occasions.
In this regard you are hereby entitled to compensation in the on-going compensation program organized in Africa by INTERPOL to be implemented by HSBC BANK PLC.
Contact HSBC BANK  (Cape Town South Africa ad-hoc branch) via the email address stated below for your compensation.
HSBC Bank plc - Johannesburg Branch
(Cape Town Office)
P O Box 51037
HSBC BANK Email Address:  , Contact Person ; Mrs. Theresa Patrick , Contact Phone Number : + 27 6 111 234 32
Note: You are to send Mrs. Theresa Patrick the details as listed below:
Your Full Name
Your Home Address
Your Mobile Phone Number
Your Landline Phone Number (if any)
You must be above (18 Years Old) to Claim this Compensation Fund of US$3.5Million Dollars.
This message is from the Internet Fraud Department,
The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO, INTERPOL)
The US Department of Homeland Security
The Federal Bureau of Investigation