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Date: Mon Feb 03 15:11:04 MST 2014
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While avoiding key phrases like “path to citizenship,” the ideas put forth by congressional leaders would give legal status to people who are here illegally. It would just have more steps, including a probationary period, a work permit—and the government upholding a lopsided part of the bargain.

The plan assumes that border security would be ramped up and immigration laws would be strictly enforced in America. Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Members of Congress are prepared to make this deal. The Wall Street Journal reported: "Mr. Ryan said it would make sure that the Obama administration went ahead with the enforcement provisions. 'We want to make sure that we write a law that he can’t avoid,' Mr. Ryan said."

Unfortunately, the President seems to be doing quite well avoiding laws he doesn’t like. On immigration, he has already selectively enforced laws, and he went around Congress to implement major portions of the DREAM Act—which had failed in Congress more than 30 times—by executive fiat.

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