From: amanda larkin
Date: Fri Jan 31 16:04:55 MST 2014
To Whom It May Concern: 

I have learned of the Ag-Gag Bill being passed in your state and I do not sit well with this. The justification for these laws is the constitutional right to privacy. But there’s an issue that takes precedence over this, and that’s the moral issue of subjecting sentient creatures to pain and suffering.

Animals have nervous systems comparable to ours. And like us, they are self-aware. To subject them to abuse, stress, unclean conditions and severe crowding all in the name of offering food items on a dollar menu is morally reprehensible.

A better solution would have been for the agricultural industry to have enacted measures that would better ensure the humane treatment of livestock. However, it was cheaper and easier to have all the politicians they bankroll simply pass laws that keep secret what takes place inside factory farms.

The more laws you enact to help abuse to stay hidden, anywhere, is helping their sickness to flourish. And of course you'll be helping to set future precedents that marginalize cruelty to animals.

I believe you are very aware of the abuse that is displayed in these farm factories but yet you choose to turn your back on them. My request is that the Ag-Gag Bill be rescinded.

These animals are treated with such neglect and brutality as you can see directly from these video links:

I trust that upon examination of the above facts you will agree that it is in the best interest that this Bill be rescinded. 

Yours faithfully, 

Amanda Larkin
169 NE Alpenview Ln
Bend, OR. 97701