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Subject: Transportation Advocate - January 2014
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Transportation Advocate
Welcome to the January 2014 edition of the Transportation Advocate, a newsletter supporting transportation investment in Utah, sponsored by the Transportation Coalition of the Salt Lake Chamber. Please share this newsletter with colleagues and associates. You can sign up for our email list by clicking here, and selecting Transportation Advocate from the mailing list options. 

Chamber releases the 2014 Public Policy Guide

The Salt Lake Chamber released the business community’s priorities for the upcoming General Legislative Session within the 2014 Public Policy Guide. The guide outlines the Chamber’s position on policy issues including economic development, education, transportation, water, energy and minerals, clean air, outdoor recreation and tourism, Downtown Rising, immigration, international competitiveness, and small business. READ MORE
Transportation Leader Profile by LaVarr Webb

Rep. Johnny Anderson: Anticipating Future Transportation Needs

When Johnny Anderson was growing up in Taylorsville, he was interested in current events and politics, but he didn’t have personal political ambitions. But Anderson ended up getting involved in politics in a natural way, starting at the grassroots level out of concern for his business and industry. Even though he’s a relative newcomer, Anderson now serves as chair of the House Transportation Committee...  READ MORE
Winter maintenance keeps Utah's economy moving

Utah’s winter storms play a critical role in our community and to our economy. Our quality of life would significantly diminish without the Greatest Snow On Earth®. There would be no tourists to pack our resorts, hotels and restaurants or water to fill our reservoirs to enable economic growth. However, not everything associated with our winter storms are beneficial to the state’s economy...   READ MORE
Primary seatbelt law can save lives

Automobile-related crashes are one of Utah’s biggest causes of premature death. Crash injuries wreak further havoc on individuals and families. So while Carlos Braceras, an engineer by training and UDOT director, loves big construction projects and is proud of UDOT’s record of highway-building and maintenance, he has taken on a personal crusade to prevent highway deaths and injuries...  READ MORE
Mountain Transportation - The Vision

We love our Wasatch Front mountains. Their value is incalculable. The challenge is to keep from loving them to death. Almost instant access to gorgeous alpine vistas and recreation by a couple million people makes the Wasatch Front unique in America — but also makes our mountains susceptible to overuse and degradation. How do we keep the mountains pristine and preserve them for future generations while continuing to enjoy them?...  READ MORE

Community Transportation Events:

Jan. 17 – Transportation Meeting  
Jan. 17 – Transportation Commission / UTA Board Joint Meeting
Jan. 23 - 25 – AGC Annual Meeting
Jan. 23 – WFRC Meeting
Jan. 27 – First Day of Legislative Session
Feb. 6 – Salt Lake Council of Governments
Feb. 6 – Wasatch Summit – Steering Committee
Feb. 10 – Wasatch Summit – Executive Committee
Feb. 14 – Transportation Commission Meeting - SLC
Feb. 20 – WFRC – Transportation Coordinating Meeting
Feb. 26 - 27 – Utah Asphalt Pavement Association – Asphalt Conference
Feb. 27 – WFRC Meeting
Mar. 6 – Salt Lake Council of Governments
Mar. 6 – Wasatch Summit – Steering Committee
Mar. 10 – Wasatch Summit – Executive Committee
Mar. 13 – Last Day of Legislative Session
Mar. 21 – Transportation Commission Meeting – Santa Clara
Mar. 27 – WFRC Meeting
May 7 - 9 – Utah Trucking Association Annual Conference

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