From: Myla Dutton
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Thank you - pure and simple.
Date: Thu Jan 02 23:01:46 MST 2014



Thank You 
for Caring!
Dear Rep.,  

Thank you. There is no better way to express our appreciation for you than with those two sweet and simple words. 

Together, we set out to reach the goal of $20,000 before the end of the year, and we did it! That is more than a dollar figure - that is food for the hungry and hope for the hopeless. 

One such person is a friend that came to Community Action not too long ago whom we can call Lucy. In the space of 6 months Lucy lost her job, been diagnosed with cancer and lost her husband. Now, unable to pay medical bills and pay for food, she came to Community Action for help and hope. 

Lucy typifies many of those we see here, and because of you there is hope for Lucy and those like her. Hope in a situation that otherwise would seem dark, lonely and impossible. 

So, once again, let me say thank you. Your support literally changes the lives of families in need. 

Best wishes,

Myla Dutton
Executive Director

On behalf of the families, children and seniors in need in our community. 

Thank You! 

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