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Nov. 14, 2013: A passenger fell out of this Piper PA 46 aircraft, which is shown at the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport in Miami.WSVNMIAMI Rescue crews searched an area southeast of Miami after a pilot reported to the Federal Aviation Administration that a passenger fell out of his small plane into the ocean Thursday.FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen says the call came at 1:30 p.m. Thursday from the pilot of a Piper PA 46 aircraft. The plane was flying at about 2,000 feet when the call came in, she said.Coast Guard and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue air and water units were searching an area about eight miles southeast of Tamiami Executive Airport, south of Miami, where the plane safely landed. It wasn't immediately clear where the flight originated or how many people were on board.According to a recording on the website LiveATC.Net, the unidentified pilot calmly radioed "mayday, mayday, mayday," and told an air traffic controller a door was ajar."I have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. I'm six miles from Tamiami," the pilot says."You said you've got a passenger that fell out of your plane?" the air traffic controller responds."That's correct, sir," the pilot responded. "He opened the back door and he just fell out the plane."LiveATC.Net provides live air traffic-control broadcasts from control towers and radar facilities around the world.Both the Coast Guard and fire rescue officials said they hadn't confirmed whether the pilot's that he was so concerned about Rizzi that even before the protest took place, he was ready to offer to get off the plane, rent a car and drive Rizzi and Doxy to New York. Fellow passenger Frank Ohlhorst told WPVI-TV, which first reported the encounter, that Rizzi wasn't being disruptive."We were like, 'Why is this happening? He's not a problem. What is going on?'" said Ohlhorst.Landau told the AP that crews are very familiar with the protocol for service animals, but that the airline is reviewing how the situation was handled.Rizzi said he later learned there had been open seats on the plane. "She never tried to move me or anybody else to secure the aircraft the way she said needed to be secured," Rizzi said of the flight attendant.He told that he was grateful other passengers supported him."When I heard those people coming off the plane saying what they said, I felt like a million dollars and more humble than I have ever felt in my entire life," Rizzi said. The Associated Press contributed to this report.Click here for more from US Airways Express flight from Philadelphia to Long Island was canceled after passengers rallied behind a blind man who was removed from the flight after his service dog became restless.