From: YWCA Utah
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: This Season, Believe in Opportunity
Date: Fri Dec 20 22:02:24 MST 2013


At the YWCA Utah, we believe every woman has a right to opportunity.


Camila's* life was full of possibility. She was enrolled at the community college, studying accounting, and planning her future wedding when she was hit for the first time. Her fiancé promised it wouldn't happen again, and she married the man she had grown to love. Unfortunately, the physical violence soon returned, along with emotional and financial abuse. Camila had a brief period of respite, during which time they had a child. The peace was short-lived, however, and Camila's husband soon resumed his abuse. He drained their bank accounts, including Camila's scholarship funds. During his last attack, their four-year old son watched in horror as his father angrily knocked his mother down.


Camilla attended the domestic violence survivors' support group at the YWCA, and decided to escape with her son to the safety of the YWCA's domestic violence shelter. Her son's healing was her first priority, and she worked with staff to enroll him in therapy. Her husband continued his abuse by making false accusations against her and using her social security number to get and run up large credit card debt in her name, damaging her credit rating.


Caring staff at the YWCA helped Camila get legal and financial assistance to stay safe and get back on her feet. She obtained a protective order against her husband, and filed for divorce and full legal custody of her son. She then completed a job preparedness class. Against daunting odds, Camila also continued her studies, and will soon graduate from the community college.


The YWCA helped restore opportunity to Camila's life, and create hope for a brighter future. If you too believe in opportunity for every woman, please give generously to the YWCA this holiday season.


Thank you. 


*not her real name

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