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Subject: Support From Every Corner
Date: Wed Dec 18 13:33:20 MST 2013

The momentum for the Convention of States Project is sweeping across the nation. Read about it here.
Convention of States


The momentum for the Convention of States Project is sweeping across the nation -- radio hosts, scholars, lawmakers, and journalists are all showing support. For example: praised the Mt. Vernon Assembly.

Mark Levin and Glenn Beck teamed up to back a COS.

Gov. Huckabee joined Sen. Johnson, Sen. Coburn, and hundreds of state legislators to support the Project.

Some folks still have doubts, but Mark Meckler explained why they’re in the minority.

And why wouldn’t folks love the COS Project? As Michael Farris explained, a COS could keep the Executive Branch from creating laws.

Also, we’re proud to announce our $7,500 scholarship contest! We’re accepting videos and graphics on Jan. 1, so get those projects started!

Today, Glenn Beck is going to interview Citizens for Self-Governance President Mark Meckler on the Glenn Beck Radio Show around 11:30 am ET and then on The BlazeTV at 5:20 pm ET! Tune in!


- COS Project Team

P.S. As we fight, a generous donor has agreed to match your tax-deductible gift, dollar for dollar. Help us raise $100,000 to confront the overreach of the federal government by donating now.

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