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This year, we've seen some of the worst violations of liberty in our nation's history. Read more here:
Citizens for Self-Governance


This year, we've seen some of the worst violations of liberty in our nation's history. As 2014 approaches, we want to keep you up to date on the latest as we battle for our nation and our freedom:

Citizens for Self-Governance Founder Mark Meckler imagines what would happen if a plumber repaired his faucet the way President Obama "fixed" the health care website.

President Obama claims "kindness covers all of my political beliefs." However, we challenge whether his policies are really "kind."

Also, our team travels to Washington, DC for the ALEC Conference. Read how well CSG's Convention of States Project was received among attendees and read what the Washington Post said about Mark.

Lastly, we're happy to announce CSG is regularly appearing on the Glenn Pav show. Read how this patriot is cleverly is getting his message out to America by circumventing the mainstream media.

Thank you for standing with Citizens for Self-Governance as we face the new year. Stay up-to-date with the latest news on the issues you care about by following our Twitter account and "liking" us on Facebook.

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