From: Men of Justice and Compassion Association
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Red Dangerous December
Date: Fri Dec 06 07:21:50 MST 2013

December 5, 2013                           December is Drunk Driving Awareness Month                                                                 

A Son confronting his father

December is Drunk Driving Awareness Month and the Men of Justice and Compassion Association has the perfect Christmas gift for all families to hang on their walls. This is poetic justice from a son to his father. He pleads with Dad not to drink and drive.  Please go to to purchase your wall scroll entitled A Son's Pleading.  

When family members become aware that another family member has a propensity to go to his/her favorite bar and become inebriated, those family members need to become due diligent. Creating a social support  system that will impress upon the minds of potential drunk drivers, it is not necessary to endanger the lives of other innocent motorists and pedestrians. Reassure them that they have available family members willing to give them a safe lift back home.   December is MOJAC's Red Dangerous December celebrations. Help us celebrate by purchasing your wall scroll today. 
Please forward this email to friends and family members to ensure that they purchase their anti-drinking and driving scroll reminders to hang beautifully on the kitchen, dining, or living room walls. Order your scroll now so you may buy the perfect frame for it in time for Christmas.  Show your Christmas anti-drinking and driving spirit by being that one family social advocate against D & D (Drinking & Driving). 

A Group Hug and a Road Map of  D & D Road Avoidance

FBI and other social statistics clearly show that 4 out of 5 drunk drivers are males.  In 2010, a former Utah State Senator became involved in a drunk driving incidence. This former senator's father was killed years earlier by a drunk driver.  

What are some positive moral qualities that would prevent any bar or party patron from getting behind the wheels of a vehicle when he/she becomes inebriated? Consideration, courtesy, humility, and modesty are just a few attributes that comes to mind. But instead, negative attributes such as arrogance, disrespectfulnesshaughtiness inconsideration, and pride prevails when a drunken bar or party patron may say to himself/herself internally: "I got this" or "I can handle this".  Joshua Brent, the former Dallas Cowboy, may have uttered those words to himself when he became inebriated and got behind the wheels of his vehicle.  The results? A team mate was killed during Red Dangerous December on December 8, 2012 to be exact. Drunk Driving Awareness Month has the "red" ribbon for its symbol.

A Son's Pleading would make a great statement on the wall of your home.  This scroll comes without the frame. Simply purchase a frame for your scroll when you receive it in the mail, and you would become a proud anti-drinking and driving social advocate. Non-public drinking family members could play a huge preventative role in rallying around that one family member that needs reassurance. Assure that family member during this drinking and merrymaking season that he/she is very much loved and you are concerned for their road safety.   

*Please allow at least 2 weeks before receiving your scroll as we will mail in volume increments.

Build a SSS for your family member

When that family member leaves the house to go to his/her watering hole, be sure to let that individual know that you may call or text to make sure they are okay.  If it becomes absolutely necessary, station another family member outside the bar where the drinking family member maybe located.  In this way, it impresses upon the mind of the drinker the seriousness to which his/her families are taking drinking and driving.  

By building a social support system for the family member in need of emotional support, the family becomes a foundation in ensuring that its good name will be protected from the media. Perpetrators stain families' good names. If a motorist or a pedestrian is killed by the drunken bar patron, other family members begin to play over in their minds how they could have helped avoid that situation.   One way to help avoid tragic situations like these is to develop a courageous spirit by speaking out against Drunk Driving.  Be sure to purchase your copy of A Son's Pleading.  

Men of Justice and Compassion Association

" We denigrate those who perpetrate, but elevate those who accentuate".

On the drawing board for next month is  Double Intimidation January with Stalking and Bullying taking the stage. Come walk with us in our 2nd Annual STALK WALK on the sidewalks around the Utah State Capitol in January. STALK WALK will be followed by a banquet for Bullying Awareness 2 weeks later. 
As symbolic parents, MOJAC makes sure that each of its 10 symbolic children are given the attention that is due each child from a societal standpoint.  As you recall, homelessness (hunger) was on our agenda in November along with limited attention to obesity and littering.  L ast month was  Triple Jeopardy November. 

  Be sure to make a modest donation to the MOJAC Patrol efforts.  Our goal is to have vehicles up and running to provide reduced-fare rides home by summer.  Will you help us keep drunk drivers off the road?

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