From: Self-Governance
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Not intimidated
Date: Tue Nov 12 18:37:03 MST 2013

Be inspired by the youngest person ever elected to city council in Clay County, Florida.
Citizens for Self-Governance


It's sad when Americans try to keep each other down.

Mark Meckler, founder and president of Citizens for Self-Governance, appeared on Neil Cavuto to answer this question: Are mainstream Republicans trying to keep Tea Party members off ballots?

As millions of people are without insurance, we are seeing what happens when President Obama employs Bill Clinton's "Just Win" theory.

Unsurprisingly, recent news shows the "largest personal data integration" in the history of the Republic is not good for Americans.

Also, we now realize the President regulates what he couldn't legislate.

At the CMA awards, there was no "twerking." But there was this jewel of a song against government interference in health care.

And be inspired by the youngest person ever elected to city council in Clay County, Florida.  He was too young to be intimidated.

Stand for the right to self-governance.

The CSG Team

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