From: Reid Wilson, The Washington Post
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Where government works
Date: Mon Oct 21 12:00:50 MDT 2013
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The Washington Post
Dear Legislator,
I'm happy to introduce GovBeat, The Washington Post's new channel on state politics and policy. Our goal is to chart the paths of Blue America and Red America, the roads they take, how they operate, and which policy decisions actually pay off. The federal government may be at a standstill, but governments outside the Beltway — the governments you run — are working; and we want to tell your story.
Most importantly, we want GovBeat to be a conversation between you and your colleagues in other states. You can count on hearing from me, or my colleague Niraj Chokshi, in the near future, and please don't hesitate to reach out to either of us as you prepare your 2014 agendas.
Along the way, we'll be highlighting several of our top stories twice a week through the GovBeat newsletter, and I hope you'll sign up to receive it. D.C. may be broken, but we know government can actually work, and we're going to point it out when it does.
I look forward to being in touch in the near future.
Reid Wilson

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