Date: Tue Oct 15 21:14:32 MDT 2013

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We’ve come too far.  The time has come again to fight for our civil rights.

We need to force our government into maturity. 

First off when you ask any child what they want to be when they grow up, none say “I want to milk the government and collect a check”.  We are all eager to live when we arrive and we should thrive.  Let’s do that!

1.      We need jobs.

Stop importing goods, open manufacturing warehouses

-Jobs + circulation of US dollars = Independence + pay off of                                  national debt.

2.  We deserve rest.

          After our mortgage is paid our house + property should be ours. 

-Property tax is a joke.  We should pay our fire dept./police/medical (all service personnel) with a “service tax” which could come from our income tax.  It’s nice collecting a check come tax return time, but I’d rather own my home, know the fire department will save it if needed, the police will protect me and my health will be taken care of.




3.  Our food + water should be CLEAN + HEALTHY.

How are these standards not higher??? 

This cancer epidemic is real.

And by the way medicine comes from natural sources the additives give us side effects.  We need to STOP this.

4.  Pollution /oil /not necessary.

The original automotive engine propelled with steam.  How about mass producing clean transport.


TOO many people fought and died for us to live in liberty.  ALL of us.  Let’s fight for this right.  PLEASE!  We are accountable for our lives; we are the ones to cause change.  If legislature is not with us then we need new legislature.