From: Stephen Hershey Kroes
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Utah Foundation: 2013 High School Graduates' Aspirations for Higher Education
Date: Thu Oct 10 19:03:38 MDT 2013
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Utah Foundation Research Update
Inspirations and Aspirations: A Survey of 2013 Utah High School Graduates 

Today, Utah Foundation releases a new survey of 2013 high school graduates, assessing their desires for higher education, job training, and other life choices.    


In collaboration with Salt Lake Community College the survey provides insight on graduates' attitudes, knowledge, and motivation about attending higher education, their influences towards pursuing higher education, and their understanding of financial feasibility. The results show key differences by gender, race and ethnicity, and income levels, highlighting some of Utah's successes but also some of the challenges we face as a state in promoting the success of all young Utahns.  


This research is set in the context of raising the number of post-secondary degrees or certificates among Utah's workforce to 66% in 2020 from 43% today, a goal advocated by the Prosperity 2020 group and adopted by the Governor's Education Excellence Commission. We hope this understanding of current attitudes and goals of Utah high school graduates helps state leaders implement successful strategies to reach these crucial goals.

Read more and get the full Research Report


Best regards,


Stephen Hershey Kroes, President
Utah Foundation 
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