From: Michael Petit
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: This should be unacceptable!
Date: Fri Sep 27 18:29:55 MDT 2013

Dear Dean,

In America today, millions of children:

  • live in poverty
  • lack health insurance
  • don't know where their next meal is coming from
  • are deprived of Pre-K and afterschool programs and/or
  • are subjected to abuse and neglect.

Children in Virginia face serious challenges:

  • 280,000 live in poverty
  • 148,000 have no health insurance
  • some 65,000 are reported as abused or neglected yearly
  • thousands of young children can’t attend pre-school

Every Child Matters believes that:

  • Every child should have access to health care.
  • Every child should have a place to live and good nutrition.
  • Every child should be able to attend a quality pre-school program.
  • Every child and teen should benefit from enriching afterschool programs.
  • Every child should be protected from abuse.

These are achievable goals. To do so, we need lawmakers who believe in prioritizing children, youth and families.

Every Child Matters' non-partisan Strong Kids, Strong Virginia campaign is mobilizing people to vote on Tuesday, November 5 for candidates they believe will invest more public funds in the well-being of Virginia’s kids!

We are sending organizers to child serving sites, including Head Start centers, to alert them there is an election, encourage them to register, and get them out to vote.

Every election matters, but Virginia is at a crossroads.  We need the public to demand more for kids now.

Please help us help Virginia’s kids by contributing $25, $50, $100, $500 or more to our Strong Kids, Strong Virginia campaign.

There is no time to wait.

Thank you,


Michael Petit

Every Child Matters

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