From: Michael Farris
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: You have power to restrain D.C.
Date: Fri Sep 20 11:33:28 MDT 2013

Citizens for Self-Governance
Citizens for Self-Governance


Washington, D.C., believes it can create better policies for your state than you and your fellow state legislators. Certainly, the Founders of this country would disagree with the rampant abuse of federal government power! It’s time to take back that power.

But is it too late?


The Framers of the Constitution gave state legislators the power to curb these abuses. Article V provides states the ability to call a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments. This is not a convention with the authority to rewrite the Constitution. It is simply a way for the states to propose amendments just as Congress can propose amendments today.

While there have been over 400 applications from the states for such a convention, none has been called because we have never had two-thirds of the states pass applications for a convention on the same subject matter. Thus, states must adopt applications that are essentially identical. As a long-time constitutional litigator, I guarantee you the most effective way to employ the power of the states is for the legislative applications to speak in unison. If 34 state legislatures pass applications with identical language in the operative section, such a call will almost certainly prevail over any legal challenge.

The Convention of States Project does not focus on any one amendment, but rather calls for a Convention of States to stop the federal abuse of power. This could include any amendment that limits the federal government.

How can you help? Please see our draft resolution, which we want you to co-sponsor for your state. We are building a massive grassroots army to give you wide public support, but we need your leadership. For more information please visit our website:

Also, we’d love to talk with you. Please contact Mark Wohlschlegel, Executive Director of the project at

It is time to show the world that state governments can govern better than a runaway federal government. Legislators should take direction only from the voters of their own states, not from members of Congress from other states.

Will you join us as a co-sponsor of our application for a Convention of States?


Michael Farris

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