Subject: Your Free-Ticket lottery winning pending fund
Date: Mon Sep 09 14:09:04 MDT 2013
Body: Dear lucky winner, Reference is made to your long outstanding lottery winning sum of 950.815.00 Euros (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifteen Euros only) Ref Nコ: ES/000881190/INT which has been placed on hold for collection for obvious reasons. Considering the obvious circumstances of your claims and we would like to use this opportunity to introduce to you a proposal which might interest you and would give you an opportunity to make some good money for yourself if pursued to its conclusion. Hence, this is the only sure means for you to have your winning sum released in good time without hindrance. We would appreciate if you give this proposal a priority attention and treat it with almost confidentiality because of our position in this office and for security reasons. We need someone who talk-less and worthy of trust because we have been secretly working on this deal, putting necessary things in place to ensure that it comes to a successful conclusion for the benefit of all parties involved. Over the years, lots of lucky winners abandoned their prizes because of doubt while some were either by omission or commission and this sum amounted to Millions of Euros unclaimed from which we have been able to siphon a substantial amount for our own private intensions. We need someone like you who is a lawful winner of the International Lottery and whose payment has been approved to act as the beneficiary of a sum of money now totaling €6,526.480.00 - Seventeen Million, Five Hundred Thousand European Currency (Inclusive of your legitimate winning sum) which is presently in a fiduciary suspense account as abandoned awaiting further redirecting instruction. These funds were abandoned by the lawful beneficiaries like you either by omission or commission and it has been left unclaimed. Already, we have perfected arrangements to transfer this sum of money out of Spain along with legitimate winning sum, some of our prospective partner (who you represent in this case). We presumed you are worthy of trust, reliabl We need you to be our partner in this deal, because we already have your file as a beneficiary of a lottery sum of this money hence, it becomes easier for us to inflate the amount payable to you to the tune of €6,526.480.00 Euros and ensure that the money in paid out to you without any trouble for our mutual benefit and satisfaction. Upon consummation of the entire deal we are entitled of 40%, also you shall be entitled to your legitimate winning sum and an agreeable percentage of the inflated amount as mutually agreed. Make an offer! We are willing to consider your offer to the best of my ability. Hence, your active involvement is required to make this dream a reality. Meanwhile, a woman came to my office with a letter claiming to be your representative. Here are her informations below: Name: Ann Reyes Bank Name: Navy Federal Credit Unit Account Number: 2318428709 Rout #: 256074974 Swift Code #: NFCUUS66 Address: 1655 East Valley Parkway, Suite 2 Escondido CA 92027 So you are advised to forward your details below include your identification by fax or email to your claim agent for reconfirmation immediately. I) Your Full Name: II) Your Age: III) Marital Status: IV) Your Cell Phone Number: V) Your Fax Number: VI) Your Country: VII) Your Occupation: VIII) Sex: IX) Your Religion: X) Your Address: XI) Identification: XII) Bank Details: XIII) Reference: If you can handle this deal, please contact Mr. William Cruz of EuroFinanzza Security Company S. A Tel: +34 632 331 002 Email: for further discussion otherwise, please state to enable us take alternative steps in realizing this goal. Until then, and on behalf of my other colleagues (The Executive Committee), I thank you for your time and attention in anticipation of your prompt response. Sincerely, Don George Pirintzi Spanish Coordination Director of State Lotteries