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Transportation Advocate
Welcome to the Transportation Advocate, a newsletter supporting transportation investment in Utah, sponsored by the Transportation Coalition of the Salt Lake Chamber. Please share this newsletter with colleagues and associates. You can sign up for our email list by clicking here, and selecting Transportation Advocate from the mailing list options. 

SLC International rebuild ready for take off

Members of the Salt Lake Chamber Utah Transportation Coalition got an inside look at the Salt Lake City International Airport’s $1.8 billion rebuild. Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Department of Airports welcomed the Utah Transportation Coalition and showed how the project will dramatically change this invaluable asset to Utah’s economy, our community and the way we travel for the better in the coming decades...  READ MORE
Transportation Leader Profile by LaVarr Webb

Rep. Greg Hughes: Anticipating Future Transportation Needs

In his speeches on politics and public policy, Greg Hughes is fond of quoting hockey star Wayne Gretzky, who said that good hockey players skate to the puck. But great hockey players have a sixth sense that allows them to skate to where puck is going to be.
He applies that bit of hockey wisdom to his responsibility as chairman of the Utah Transit Authority board of trustees. “That’s what I want UTA to do. What will transportation needs be 10 to 15 years from now? I want UTA to prepare to meet those needs.”...  READ MORE
Five lines in five years is one big success story

Across the United States communities are still grappling with the effect of the recession. But in Utah, the story is much different.
The state has a vibrant economy with job growth over two-times that of the nation, an unemployment rate that continues to decrease and a community that is rising up to become a national leader. Moreover, the metros along the Wasatch Front are outperforming even the state’s stellar economic performance, each ranking in the top metros across the country and are collectively powering our national recovery. ...  READ MORE
Members of Congress comment on America's need for infrastructure overhaul 

The federal government has more things to pay for than it has money to pay for it.  But those expenditures can be prioritized and investing in the key elements of a strong economy help generate the economic activity that can ultimately reduce the deficit and debt.
Businesses understand a strong economy requires a top-notch transportation infrastructure. Keeping goods and people moving is critical to our economic vitality as a nation. Utah may be the best example of the return on investment available for funding transportation projects. ...  READ MORE

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